ou don’t need to be able to scrapbook like it’s 1999 to make a "moving" scrapbook. But capturing a few special memories of your home before and during your move just might make it easier to say good-bye.

What to include in your scrapbook

The halls your kids chased each other down, the closet everyone raced to during hide and seek, the chandelier you always bumped your head on…okay, maybe not that last memory but you get the idea. Include anything that will trigger a fond memory in your moving scrapbook: paint chips, wallpaper scraps, carpet swatches, pressed flowers from your garden, an envelope from a piece of mail with your address. Save the special and quirky memories of a home and the time you lived there, especially if your kids are young. They won’t believe they could fit in the kitchen sink for a bath or how their first nursery was arranged. Just think of how fun it would be to go back and look at old photos of your childhood home. Rotary dial phones, wood panelling, and sparked stucco ceilings - the good old days. What will your kids look back at and remember?

Photos, photos, photos

What about immortalizing one last hoorah with a professional photoshoot? Or throwing a good-bye party where everyone strikes a pose in their favourite part of the house? The family huddled together on the front steps or friends clinking glasses in the back yard? Whether you're taking snaps with your phone or hiring a pro, pulling together a collection of photos you can store both as a digital scrapbook and a physical one is a project that doesn’t have to be complicated or perfect. You don’t have to be Crafty McCrafterson to print up a personal photo book on Shutterfly or start a folder on your desktop entitled “Farewell Old House”.

Include your kids

Creating a special moving scrapbook for each child may help with the transition into a new home. If you suspect your kids will have a hard time leaving their home, make a scrapbook for each of them. Include detailed photos of their room. Kids love flipping through photos of themselves and their special things. Try to capture things from your child’s perspective. Make it their keepsake that they can keep with them in their new room to reflect on the good memories of the old one.

And if all else fails, don’t stress it, we’ve got you covered; after your move, we’ll be sending out a keepsake memory book with the images used to market your home - but shhhh, it’s supposed to be a surprise!

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