or many Canadians, owning a big house with a grassy yard has been a lifelong dream! But what if it's not your dream?

Maintenance and repairs Are you the type of person that enjoys spending your evenings and weekends mowing lawns, cleaning gutters or painting trim? A definite pro to condo living is the strata takes care of all of this for you. Many families these days have both parents working. After a long day, who wants to spend all their free time doing odd jobs around the house and yard? However, if you’re the sort of person who loves to DIY, the maintenance-free lifestyle of a condo could be a real con.

Proximity to others How quiet is your family? What level of noise makes you uncomfortable? Condo living means shared walls and common hallways. If you're worried about your kids bouncing off the walls and disturbing others, this can be a big con. On the other hand, living in a complex or apartment block almost guarantees there will always be someone nearby to playdate with! Or better yet, someone nearby who doesn’t mind if your kids drop in for a visit while you cook dinner or catch up on email.

Amenities A swimming pool, gym, community room, roof deck, guest suite just to name a few - these are luxury amenities most homeowners could never afford to install on their own budget. But living in a condo means the pooled resources of the strata can give you access to all these, and more. Amenities are a huge pro to condo living. On the flip side, if you are not the type of person who would use all the shared spaces of a condo, a con is having to finance all these fancy extras through the monthly condo fees you’ll be paying.

Walking lifestyle Most condos are built in densely-populated urban areas and the obvious pro here is the modern convenience of walking to everything. Many condos have shopping on the street level, giving you easy access to everything you need. Just imagine Whole Foods as your pantry! It cuts down on the need to store things or making that huge bulk trip to a warehouse store. Need a cup of sugar? Don’t worry about bothering your neighbour, just run downstairs. Of course, the con to this is, oh wait, there isn’t any con to being less car-dependant and enjoying a walking lifestyle!!!!

Condos are becoming not only a choice of necessity for many Lower Mainlanders, but also a choice of convenience as more and more families have both parents working and would much prefer to spend their free time doing something other than taking care of the house!

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