Clean everything

You can’t overestimate the power of cleaning. It sends a message that you care about your home. When you're not trying to sell your home, you're free to live your life in a way that is comfortable for you. When you're trying to sell, you need to pretend you’re that genie wearing a white t-shirt and a beanie cap - or at least you need to clean like one.

Put the toilet seat down

I will just settle this debate for you ladies and gents in the context of selling your home, keep the toilet seat down. Sorry, I can’t settle which way the toilet paper goes in the holder.

Take out the trash

Yes, it's one more thing to add to the already long to-do list, but take out the trash. You can’t rely on Febreze for this one. You've got to walk that stuff out to the bin.

Dust baseboards

Dusting baseboards and window sills seem trivial but it’s a place buyers look when they are trying to figure out if you just cleaned up to try and sell or if you really meant it. Show them you mean it by going the extra mile with dusting or wiping down baseboards.

Fresh air

If you have a fresh air exchange, turn it on, otherwise, handle this the old-fashioned way by opening the windows. Get the air moving to eliminate any staleness.

Add a light scent

By "add a light scent" I do mean light. Maximum one scent omitter per floor of your home. That means if you live in a single floor condo one, and only one, scented plugin, oil diffuser, or scented candle.

Freshen up the front door

The very first impression a buyer will see of your home is the front door. Make sure the lock works easily, scuffs or excess wear are cleaned off and you have a new mat to welcome guests.

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