e have worked with hundreds of new moms and this is what they all say they wish they knew before they bought.

  1. The stroller. As if you haven’t already been obsessing over what stroller to buy, once you find your dream home, you'll be obsessing with where to hide it! Or should I stay store it. “There is no other baby necessity that gets so much use yet seems to always be in the way” one new mom told me. Are there stairs you’ll have to navigate between your door and the street? Is there a convenient place to store or fold and hang your stroller? How about getting the stroller down to your garage or parking spot? Although your baby will not be a baby forever, current trends are showing that moms favour strollers right up until kindergarten! It’s so common, even Disneyland has brought in new regulations on older children using strollers https://globalnews.ca/news/5132823/child-toddler-baby-use-stroller-vacation-long-walks/
  2. Storage. What do you “need” to store? Diapers wipes and laundry are some of our top storage requirements when it comes to being a new mom. Most new parents are broadsided with the smallest person in the house having so many big things that need to be stored. Baby swings, jumpers, exersaucers, playpens, travel playpens, car seats, not to mention all the extra pillows and blankets for the family that will be showing up to sleep on your couch.
  3. Adjacent bedrooms. Having your main bedroom with an adjoining wall to your baby’s room sounds sweet with a newborn because you can hear their every sound and move, but imagine what that’s like with a pre-schooler? Or high schooler?
  4. Sharing a bathroom. Sharing a bathroom with your partner may not be a big deal now but the single biggest reason moms of teens want to move is the single bathroom. We are seeing current trends in new homes for each main bedroom to have their own ensuite, add to this the increase of children staying home through their post secondary education and you have a whole lot of reasons to consider if you’ll really be able to make it work with a single bathroom.
  5. Laundry. Unfolded heaps of laundry punctuate motherhood, and undoubtedly once you have a newborn all the funny memes that get passed around are true. You’ll be doing a lot of it. Perhaps you’re a laundry in the basement kind of person? But that leaves you lugging basket after basket up and down stairs, whereas laundry in the kitchen limits when you can do laundry without being subjected to having your dinner conversation interrupted with a spin cycle. Do you need a laundry room? Or can you make do with a stacker in the hall closet?

There is nothing more exciting than bringing your new baby home to your new home! Whether that means a condo, townhouse, or a fully detached house, consider not just how you will use your space today but tomorrow and 3, 5 years, or 10 years from now.

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